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Adakah Pegawai di KADER boleh turut serta di dalam Program Jejak Inovasi? Jika tidak boleh turut serta, saya cadangkan dibenarkan pegawai kader ini diberikan mana-mana Cawangan ' Keluarga Angkat' untuk membolehkan pegawai di KADER turut sama di dalam memberikan impak inovasi kepada JKR walaupun di dalam tempoh 'Peminjaman'.
asked Feb 28, 2014 in Stakeholders Management mfairuz 9,580 points 25 58 109
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Architects, Engineers and others in the AEC industry are well-aware of the forces at work changing the way they go about their business. Forces brought about primarily by the advent of the computer. When in all pares down, there are three approaches you can take to ... data templates - with rules of thumb and building code) Which is great. A process that should be automated in the near future.
asked Jan 13, 2014 in Building Mohd Fairuz 27,350 points 73 158 200
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