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Kepada otai otai d jkr...ask ourself what legacy are we leaving to the next generations in jkr....pride and values are depleting by the day in what we do. Can we do aomething about it now b4 its too late?
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I think to leave a legacy, we have to implement big,complex & prestigious projects ourselves i.e. via conventional inhouse method. By engaging consultants , we will slowly loose our expertise and our younger staff will not be learning/ experiencing the process of planning & designing such projects.
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I agree that we are loosing our expertise, our younger professional staff are loosing the touch of design and supervision as we are using the consultants too much. Not much is done in house anymore. If some projects are done inhouse, the staff may be transferred before he/she finishes the design and the officer taking over needs time to pick up from where it was left.

So it seems that JKR takes too long to design & complete the process. then the next alternative is to get a consultant to do it. Most of the time the consultant has very young staff without much experience to do the design - the end product being a half baked cake.

Then the consultants take our new officers for a ride ( as our officers too are young & green) - the end product - something with a lot of VO or not properly done.

Then this affect JKR's reputation -because JKR had supervised or managed the project.


Can we get our training branch to be more active so that there is a list of compulsory courses an officer needs to go through at every level of his career (from 41 to 54 level). This would build up our knowledge and exposure required at every level of management. Thereby making JKR back to the level it was in those glory days- where every department would refer to JKR as THE technical expertise giving the best advice to the government departments.

If we don't do anything - then we may end up being a white elephant.........................