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Saya dapat tahu perkara ini melalui perbualan dengan kawan - kawan bahawa JKR tidak membenarkan sheetpile sebagai permenant structure. Saya ingin dapatkan kesahihan atau sebarang rujukan yang berkaitan perkara ini.
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Saya rasa tidak ada masalah untuk " steel sheetpile" sebagai " permanent structure" seperti bagi " retaining wall".  Di JPS, ia banyak digunakan untuk " riverbank protection works". biasanya  lapisan" shotcrete" di sembur di permukaan untuk mengelak jadi berkarat.
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Steel sheet piling is a manufactured edifice product with interlocks at both ends, closely fitted to form a continuous wall for sheet piling.  The applications of steel sheet piles are characteristically designed to create an unbendable barricade for ground and water, while resisting the lateral pressures of those pliable forces. The capability of a sheet pile section to execute is dependent on the geometry and soils it's driven in.       

Steel sheet piling is commonly used in two applications: permanent structures and temporary works.
Permanent sheet piles remain 'stay-in-place' in the ground as a permanent retaining structure. A temporary application is to offer a safe access to construction in a confined area.  The sheet piles will be removed once work is completed.     

The benefits of steel sheet piling are:

  • Easy to handle, transporting and installation.
  • Lightweight for transportation.
  • Effective retaining wall with maximum bending moment.
  • Flexible solutions.
  • Recyclable and reusable.
  • Suitable for deep excavation works such as waterfront structures, basement construction & underground car park, power plant construction, bridge, canalization & river rehabilitation work, water treatment plant, railway & tunnel works, highway construction; and general excavation for foundation works.
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