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Woow...3 bulan ke 6 bulan!  If its a DB tender there  is a possibility to go beyond the 3 months...but again it shouldn't take too long...Too long a time (TVP) will give impact on the pricing of the tender because market prices of materaials and labour fluctuates. Further more will onlly  reflect in our inefficiency in the procurement processes besides  opening more oppourtionities  for  ' pelob-i pelobi' or 'runners''.

Extension of TVP must be with the approval by the Pengerusi Lembaga Perolehan and each request made must be with strong justification of why extension is needed......

If there is a strong need for TVP to be that long ,,make sure it is stated in the tender document so that each tenderer will be able to price for the risk...
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Lagi lama tempoh sahlaku lagi banyak masalah...setuju dengan Pn. Shimah. TVP can be extended by approval of Tender Board Chairman. Lagi lama TVP, lagi lambat kita keluar LA.