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After 7 years of applying this organisation setup, do you believe that this system can any longer sustain teh project management functions in JKR??
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Yes, I agreed that the matrix system does not seem to work within JKR organisation. This is a popular perception or misconception on the matrix system among JKR community.

The actual fact is, the JKR staffs were never being taught on how to managed under matrix organisation. Each of JKR staff having their own definition of matrix system and they managed according to their understanding. These have create chaos in management and seriously affect the project delivery.

The Management of JKR should strategically plan  to educate the JKR community on 'how to manage under Matrix Organisation'.

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No organization design or method of management is perfect. And any form can suffer from a variety of problems that develop because of the design itself. This is particularly true when a company tries a new form.

Key advantages that organizations seek when introducing a matrix include:

  • To break business information silos - to increase cooperation and communication across the traditional silos and unlock resources and talent that are currently inaccessible to the rest of the organization.
  • To deliver work across the business more effectively – to serve global customers, manage supply chains that extend outside the organization, and run integrated business regions, functions and processes.
  • To be able to respond more flexibly – to reflect the importance of both the global and the local, the business and the function in the structure, and to respond quickly to changes in markets and priorities.
  • To develop broader people capabilities – a matrix helps develop individuals with broader perspectives and skills who can deliver value across the business and manage in a more complex and interconnected environment.

The advantages of a matrix for project management can include:

  • Individuals can be chosen according to the needs of the project.
  • The use of a project team that is dynamic and able to view problems in a different way as specialists have been brought together in a new environment.
  • Project managers are directly responsible for completing the project within a specific deadline and budget.

After 7 years, i think its worthwhile to review kebersanannya kepada organisasi.


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Yes, the matrix system seem not to be working very well of course but the JKR top management has to discreetely or indirectly manipulate or improve it by injecting the hybrid matrix system without realising it at all.
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Apakah pula yang dimaksudkan dengan hybrid matrix sistem?
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Theoratically the matrix system is supposed to be one of the best system, where we can share resources between the different departments  of JKR but is this happening ?

Eventhough there are specialised departments (cawangan pakar) serving the various business units, the allocation of certain staff for certiain business units still exist - so why can't these staff be placed in that particular business unit?

The actual problem is when a certain job is in hand - the head of the business unit may have a certain target completion date for a particular task, but the specialised department head may have other scope of work also in line for the particular staff. So whose instruction and dateline is the staff going to follow?

Definitely the staff will follow his own department head - so the business unit head target is sometimes not met, leading to a delay in the project.

I still believe that specialised / expertise can  be more efficient if they are placed in the particular business unit - so same head, same target. If target not met - he will have to answer to his own business unit head.
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