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Architects, Engineers and others in the AEC industry are well-aware of the forces at work changing the way they go about their business.  Forces brought about primarily by the advent of the computer. When in all pares down, there are three approaches you can take to participating. You can work by hand, collaboratively with machines, or allow machines to do most of the heavy lifting.
In many ways, CAD just became a digital version of what architects and Engineers had long done by hand. Even with BIM, they are being more productive or effective working in BIM, they’ll mention that they create templates and components library for repeatable portions of their projects (for example, doors, windows, room data templates – with rules of thumb and building code) Which is great. A process that should be automated in the near future.
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With the advent of latest technology today we have seen works has become very much simpler and less people or workes will be needed to accomplish it but we could still see large number of people be employed in the computer technology or internet world.

With all prosedures and systems has been in place, established and running smoothly all the doors, windows and et cetera templates components and be produce as autamatically as possible. The word of autamated is very amusing. What a nice and interesting life to come. The question to ask is, are we really prepared for those life of automation that is already in store for us. The answer is yet to be scrutunised and ponder by many.
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