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What is required to accomplish BIM?

  1. Commitment, understanding, and knowledge on the part of all stakeholders – Owner, AEs, Contractors, Fabricators and Service Providers and Oversight Groups.
  2. Robust, collaborative business practices complete with a well defined ontology, metrics, and methods for continuous improvement.
  3. Open standard technology (cloud computing, GIS, CPMS, CMMS, Cost Estimating, Project Delivery, BAS, Visualization) that embeds and supports life-cycle management processes.

So, your intellectual suggestion and opinion??

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Currently we JKR are already to strategies (in term of governance, people, process and technolgy) to implementing BIM in our projects but only selected project (agree by client).

Hope stakeholders especially JKR's will support this BIM implementation...

3 Answers

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First of all, I think we have to train more professionals and sub-professionals so that they acquired the proper knowledge, skills and competency in this BIM. These well trained staffs should then be engaged full time in a few pilot projects using BIM in order to ensure its success...InsyaAllah...
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just do it, semua pegawai  perlu siap sedia dengan segera dan mesti mulakan
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1. Governance -  Policy for BIM. Instruction from top management using BIM

2. People - Develop competency, training, do BIM in project

3. Technology - Support ICT

4. Process - Develop Guideline, Standards, Work Process.

But the most important things is that all of us must willingly to do BIM. Don't wait for others do BIM first or we will one step or ten steps behind than others. Then we will lose everything.
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