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closed with the note: Concerns are noted. The capturing of knowledge from the discussion threads is an on going process.
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Thank you for your concern. The CoP leaders are following the postings everyday and taking note. However, I wish to point out that grouses/complaints/feedback related to HR issues are being chanelled to MBJ, etc.

JCoP was created to facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience and to help staff perform their job better. Discussion threads on job related issues/problems are being captured by the CoP core group for proces improvements, etc.

The success of JCoP hinges on the willingness of our people to share their experience and insights.

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Dalam sangkaan baik, sepatutnya semua isu2 yang dibangkitkan perlu diberi perhatian/ pertimbangan yang sewajarnya... Kalau tidak , J- CoP ini tidak berguna & buang/bazir masa , duit & tenaga sahaja...
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I have suggested a couple of times to the anchor woman of J cop.Pn Roznita....please ensure all questions be answered as soon as possible or else users lost interest in J cop!!!!!

I would suggest the heads of every subdivision/ Category organised and seek answers for those questions unanswered. Its just like sistem aduan kita...jawablah as soon as possible... even if...tindakan sedang diambil..or...please refer to tthe following documents..or please contact this officer for further info....of whatever!!!!

(Nampaknya banyak unanswered questions belongs to the Human Resources Management...that reflects banyak ketidakpuasan hati /kekaburan  dikalangan bawahan!!!)

Sekadar beri pandangan.......easy said than done,,everybody seemed to be Busy!!!!
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JCoP is our platform to ask and discuss, I can facilitate, but to ensure every question has an answer, is quite impossible, my dear. Nevertheless, we will keep trying,

I appeal to you, the experienced and knowledgeable to respond where ever you can. Do not wait for others to do it.