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To avoid overlapping roles and responsibilities.
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HOPT can assume the role of lead designer or someone appointed by HOPT with all the necessary experience to expedite the project
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I do agree that at the design stage a lead designer should be appointed in order to oversee that the process of design management is well managed. HOPT should coordinate at all level.
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Agreed, HOPT is the leader through out the whole project cycle. Anyway HOPT can delegate certain task such as lead designer to any of HODT  when ever necessary but still hold the responsibility.
This could be the best practice (elsewhere) but is not practiced in JKR, as far as I can remember.
Yes, It is not practiced in JKR, that why we are in the mess. JKR must change and adopt the best practices and not to inherit the mess to the future generation.
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Agree 101% that Lead Designers should be appointed to coordinate the design and  issues resolved at the HODT level, and not necessarily at HOPT level so that the HOPT can focus more on Client Relationship and monitoring of project schedule to ensure that projects are being efficiently managed.

The Lead Designer must be someone knowledgeable in all areas of the design and not only in one area of discipline or design to ensure that all areas of designs are covered and taken care off to ensure that only the best of designs are being implemented on the ground.
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Normally, in building projects, HODT architect should be the lead designer because the initial preparation of conceptual designs & layout plans are their responsibility.
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