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Everyone knows that productivity in the AECOM sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation, Maintenance) is uniquely poor.

Everyone also knows why.  Stakeholders don’t play together well.  They prefer to blame each other, write up change orders, and hoard information vs collaborate from day one throughout the life-cycle of a project and/or built structure.

Can we say, the “culture” of the sector is embedded our minds and it will take a major event to enable change.
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PROKOM has already formulated a template for Project Completion Report (Laporan Penyiapan Projek) . This is a good template which can highlight what has happened during the construction of that particular project.

My suggestion would be that PROKOM collects the reports & create a special page for suggestions, lessons learned etc on a special site  on the main JKR web page which can be read by fellow JKR staff.

Even all the HODT can pick up issues of lessons learned & also post it on this site. There can be a lot of data- so repitition should be avoided . Even pictures of the DOs and DON'Ts can be placed here.

All JKR staff should be encouraged to read this section before implementing any new project - so that mistakes are not repeated & good practices can be implemented effectively.
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I think the better way to improve construction productivity is by using Relational Contracting ( RC) method which  is practised in many developed countries like US, UK, Australia, etc, since early 1990s. The fundamentals of RC are ;

- Strenghening partnership between parties to the contract.

- Value at design.

- Collaborative risk sharing approach to project delivery.

- Performance measurement & value for money thruogh pre agreed target  KPIs.

( Extracted from PROKOM- unit perolehan strategik- workshop)
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Improving construction productivity is not through collaboration. To improve productivity means to increase the workload performance from the doers i.e. contractors, suppliers and perhaps the consultants too. JKR can play a major role in determining the standard and benchmark the sort/ areas of productivity that need to be measured and improved but todate JKR or CIDB have never bother to do this??

Then by having lesson learnt perhaps we can put a start point to give the meaning of construction productivity just like MPN did for the national human capital productivity, certainly JKR can do the same. Then we can talk about collaboration nationally or even internationally. Collaboration in the AECOM sectors within the construction players can be a starting stone for this. CIDB with the help of JKR can drive this.
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Agreed that current working culture of the stakeholders  such as " work in SILO" affects the productivity and contribute to many problems in the industry.

I think we need to learn from other industry that work efficiently such as plane manufactures where they use technology such as parametric software to help them to collaborate and share information in order to minimize mistakes and improving productivity. I still believe that technology such as BIM can help us to improve further.
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