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Please advise on Hospital Construction scenario.

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mimic the sequence of work.

eg: site clearing

      piling for structure A

      piling for structure B

      sub-stuructural work

      super structural work

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Langkah-langkah untuk menyediakan WBS:

1. Memahami skop projek

2. Mengenalpasti semua aktiviti yang terlibat

3. Bagi setiap aktiviti perlu kenalpasti sub aktiviti atau kerja-kerja yang telibat

Contoh : Projek Hospital

1. Skop - Bangunan Pentadbiran, Blok Wad, Kerja-kerja Luar, Kerja-kerja Mekanikal, Kerja-kerja Elektrik

2. Kenalpasti aktiviti : Cth Bangunan Pentadbiran

    Aktiviti : Kerja-kerja Asas, Kerangka, Senibina

3. Sub aktiviti : Cth Kerja-kerja Asas

     Piling, Pile Cap, Ground Beam, G Floor Slab ..etc
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You can organise your WBS by

a) zoning them according to construction packages

b) according to construction sequencing ,

the most important thing is that you can easily track the progress of the work at site after you have baseline the programme.
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Try these options:

Involve the people who’ll be doing the work. When possible, involve them during the initial development of the WBS. If they join the project after the initial planning, have them review and critique the WBS before they begin work.

Review and include information from WBSs from similar projects. Review plans and consult people who’ve worked on projects similar to yours that were successful. Incorporate your findings into your WBS.

Keep your WBS current. When you add, delete, or change WBS elements during your project, be sure to reflect these changes in your WBS.

Make assumptions regarding uncertain activities. If you’re not sure whether you’ll do a particular activity, make an assumption and prepare your WBS based on that assumption. Be sure to document that assumption. If your assumption proves to be wrong during the project, change your plan to reflect the true situation.

Remember that your WBS identifies only your project’s deliverables; it doesn’t depict their chronological order. Nothing is wrong with including activities from left to right or top to bottom in the approximate order that you’ll perform them. However, in complex projects, you may have difficulty showing detailed interrelationships among activities in the WBS format. The purpose of the WBS is to ensure that you identify all project deliverables.

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