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There is no need for PBT to endorse but all CCC documents must be received by PBT within 14 days from the date on Borang F. If the submission exceeds the date, the date of CCC issuance must be revised. It is against the law if the gap between both is more than 14 days. If it happens, lodge a report to LAM.

Another important information regarding CCC is, in general in any contract CPC is issued first before issuance of CCC. This means G Forms (relevant items) are signed at least after the T&C is done and approved. However in many cases, CCC is issued before or concurrently with CPC where in this situation we risk our M&E/ICT systems to be certified before tested and commissioned.

Those information above is the feedback upon my questions via email to Puan Aminah of KPKT that i would like to share in here.

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In the case of Design & Build contract, CCC has to be issued (by the Contractor's consultant Architect - as the Submitting Person) before issuance of CPC by the SO since liability of Design & Build projects rest solely on the Contractor.
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PBT endorsement is not required to make it VALID. This is because CCC replaces the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) previously issued by the local authority (PBT). The CCC is issued by the project’s Principal Submitting Person (PSP) who is a Professional Architect, Professional Engineer or a Registered Building Draughtsman. 

However, under the CCC, PBT will receive, process and approve planning permission and building plans. PBT can also authorize site inspection on their own initiative or act on complaints to check the works in progress, issue a notice (in writing and through the OSC) to the PSP not to issue the CCC if breaches and divergence are not rectified, take action to rectify any continuous breach or divergence including reporting to Professional Boards. (

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