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How do you manage time effectively when there are land acquisition issues that are not yet settled?

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Stick to SOP JKR

no Brief or no Land or no Money = no Project

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This is where Project Management's  Critical Path comes handy.

Kalau dari awal kita telah mengetahui ada masaalah tanah, maka suggest a staggered construction ie part by part construction. As well as part by part handing over. Maknanya our agreement dengan kontraktor awal awal telah maklumkan di sebahagian kawasan adalah lewat. Nyatakan bila tarikh boleh masuk tapak dan bind it dalam agreement, Begitu juga dengan tarikh penyerahannya. This is important supaya kontraktor boleh plan their resourcse i.e all the 4M, money, material, manpower machine.

Then Study the critical path.

Check maa, which path of the critical path that does not involve land acquisiton. Organise and stratgise with contractor mana kawasan pembinaan mana yang boleh di masuki and start works.

If all venue dah di cuba pun masih tak boleh dimasuki untuk pembinaan, then why kita even sign the agreement the first place.

Bukankah telah disyaratkan sekarang oleh top management selagi Land Issue tak selesai JKR tidak akan menerima any projek dari client. Any changes to that arahan???

So to answer your question, how to manage time effectively,

Go to SOGO maa  buy your children school unifrom and shoes and whatever, school is near, rumours that cost of sationaries will  go up. Use your time effectively (of course during lunch break or cuti not office hours), u need a break as well.

No point you crack your head thinking when project can start when the land issue is not even settle lhoooo.


(اللهم يسر و لا تعسر)



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