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internal and external environment
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Each of project team member must understand their roles & responsibilities. Then only they can defined their job scope and boundary. The job boundary might be overlaping which will encouraged the team members to interact and communicate with each othe more frequently. The communication process will break the siloness among the team member.  If each of the team member plays their role right, the grey area in responsibility will be reduced hence increased the rate in making decision.
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minta maaf..boleh tak sy nk tau ape itu silo mentality
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Silo mentality ialah bilamana sesorang pegawai bertindak dengan hanya menumpukan kesan tindakannya kepada cawangan/bahagian/unit nya sahaja tanpa meikirkan kesannya kepada organisasi secara keseluruhannya.


Ianya dimaksudkan bagaimana sesorang diJKR bertindak dengan tidak menghadkan dalam 'silo"nya sendiri