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The country is now implementing lots of mega projects like MRT, ECRL, HSR, Pan Borneo Highway, Penggerang Petroleum and what not. Do you think JKR has what it takes to be a player in any of these projects? In what way do you think we can contribute the most?
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JKR definitely has what it takes to be a player in railway projects. JKR is a multi-disciplinary department that has many advantages that JKR could use. Among the components of railway project are:

(1) Trackwork - civil discipline

(2) Bridges - civil & structure discipline

(3) Station building - civil & structure discipline

(4) Rolling stock/train - mechanical & electrical disciplines

(5) Signalling system - electrical discipline

(6) Power supply system for train, depot/workshop & station - electrical discipline

(7) Mechanical & electrical systems inside stations, depot/workshop & power sub stations - mechanical & electrical disciplines

(8) Depot/workshop tools & equipment - mechanical discipline

(9) Maintenance vehicles - mechanical discipline

In view of this, definitely, JKR could give a significant contribution in a railway project.
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Just to add we also need to expertised (does this word exist) ourselves in tunneling works for rail projects as well, wont you agree?
I totally agree. In fact, the works in the tunnel will require all the engineering disciplines to be involved:

Tunnel structure - civil & structure

Tunnel ventilation - mechanical

Tunnel lighting & signalling - electrical