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Apakah dalam sistem pemasangan expansion joint mengikut jenis yang memerlukan anchor bolt sebagai pengikat harus melaksanakan pull-out test terhadap kauliti pemasangan supaya kekuatan anchor bolt tersebut mencukupi untuk mengekalkan kefungsiannya sepanjang hayat penggunaan mengikut kehendak rekabentuk demi mengatasi impak dari dynamic traffic loads dan horizontal impact loads?

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Pull out test suppose have been done by the supplier since they will give their waranty for the specific expansion joint. However, pull out test is a good idea since we don't event know if the contractor cheating by using difference type  of bolt.
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Logically all requirement about the fixing and pull-out test concerning the anchorage system for the expansion joint should be included in the JKR specification beside whatever warranty deem to be a must submission from the supplier. Besides that a detail method statement about the installation process must be sent for prior checking and approval before any installation of any system of expansion joint is allow.