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Before we initiate any kind of rehabilitation programme for pavement / bridges the following issues must make known and some basic study needed to carry out:

Logically we must identified precisely every single types of defect according to each type of component.

Extends and severity of the defects must be justified as this issue will have adverse impact on the choice of repair technique.

Causes of each defect must be identified so as not to propose or implement a wrong technique of repair proposal.

Choice of the repair technique must be tied closely to the availability of the repair material and the amount of budget needed.

Besides that a study must also be carried out to check for any historical records about any kind implementation done before to avoid any potential failure of the repair proposal.

In order to execute a good priority bridge rehabilitation programme the following parameters must take into consideration:

A good weightage system must be introduced with a good and detail parameters in order to prepare a more comprehensive appraisal prior to the execution of any rehabilitation programmes.

Condition rating for each type of defect as per usage in JKR Annual Bridge Inspection Manual shall be included in the bucket of weightage parameter.

Locality and severity of defects relate to type of component must be justified in order to quantify the weightage given.

Bridge location as refer to type of roads must also have certain impact to the weightage system.

Traffic volume data for that particular bridge location should also have certain amount of impact weightage.

Last will be amount of budget allocated for each district or states.
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