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Before we discuss issues concerning repeated mistake in road construction, the following issues must be properly checked and listed down:

  1. List down in detail all the commonly repeated mistakes committed.
  2. All the mistakes shall be grouped according to the following proposed requirements:
    1. Type of project.
      1. Design and build.
      2. Conventional JKR and so on.
    2. Causes of the mistakes committed.
      1. Poor drawing detailing.
      2. Poor construction method.
      3. Wrong survey data or setting out.
      4. Insufficient BQ items.
      5. Outdated specification.
      6. Poor Planning.
      7. Labour or material shortage.
      8. Wrong application of material.
    3. Location or component of occurred mistake.
      1. Mistake grouping according to type of components.
      2. Located at urban or rural area.
    4. Frequency of occurrence with proper recorded data.
      1. How frequent is the mistake committed.
      2. Any proper historical records.
      3. Does all the mistakes made known and documented.

The following are parameters which S.O. should take into consideration to avoid repeated mistakes when dealing with Road Construction:

  1. Provide a proper check list according to stages of construction.
  2. Have a pre-construction detail drawings checking.
  3. Do a new site survey prior to the initiation of site procession.
  4. Organize a meeting with all the relevant parties to go through and checking of the contract document.
  5. Scrutinize all the items in the BQ in related to the contracted drawings to prevent any surfacing of price variation order.
  6. Market survey about the availability of construction products.
  7. Make sure a detail method statement to be prepared for every important stage of construction.
  8. Do a detail vetting of all the site personals employed by the contractor according to the desire fields of their experiences according to needs.
  9. Always organizing a small committee along the journey of construction period whenever a mistake surface for a better improvement of construction quality in order to avoid any repeated mistake.
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