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Too many projects in hand (resource issues)

No prioritization strategy in dealing with projects

Other commitments (works and non related works)

Loose control by their top management

Coping with too many design changes (Loose focus)
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Project management plan (PMP) is a living document. The timeframe should not cast in stone. The schedule  must change accordingly due to various factors as capture in PMP such as risk, assumption, constrain etc. The project manager (HOPT) as team leader must be sensitive with the changes.

In JKR, PMP is not used widely as planning and managing tools. Then, the blaming games occured between team members. High leadership quality is in demand.

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Antara sebab-sebab yg mungkin:

1. HODT atau Design team kurang pengalaman 2.Kerap berlaku perubahan skop 3. Kurang memahami keperluan pelanggan atau brif tidak lengkap 4. Bebanan tugas design team yg tinggi 5. Perancangan kerja yg kurang baik
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