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A Qualified Professional MyCREST, QP is appointed by project team or Client.

QP is representing the project team and QP will submit the MyCREST Scorecard to CIDB for assessment.

QP acts as a facilitator of sustainable implementation in a project. QP will facilitate, assist and guide the project team (designers (HODTs), HOPTs and clients) in preparing objectively the required submittals for the targeted score. Also, QP will assist in completing and propose scorecard marks and in using carbon calculator. QP to share good practice in implementing MyCREST.

MyCREST Assessor will assist CIDB, to verify the submittals and give remarks on the proposed scorecard marks submitted by QP, Assessor will assist in preparing a comprehensive assessment report by CIDB. Assessor need to inculcate elements of integrity and share good practices in executing MyCREST assessment. A group of 2-3 Assessors from a different background will debate and agree on each and every criteria on the proposed scorecard marks submitted by QP during an assessment session held by CIDB.

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