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Apakah perancangan JKR terhadap cadangan tema “Sustainable and Recyclable Wearing Courses“ dalam persidangan 8th Symposium on Pavements Surface Characteristics (SURF2018) yang telah dikendalikan di Brisbane, Australia oleh ARRB and PIARC pada bulan May 2018?

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The main objective of this research is the formalization of strategies and technical procedures for recycling porous European mixes (PEMs) back to permeable wearing courses. A number of issues were studied: mitigating the drawback of clogging and its related consequences (decay of acoustic and permeability performance over time); preserving traditional (bearing properties, skid resistance) and premium (quietness, permeability) performance; recycling high percentages of cold-milled reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) from PEM; and investigating the collateral effects in terms of sustainability. Like

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