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setahu saya pekeliling terikini kita tidak boleh cairkan bon dan digunakan untuk buat kerja pembaikan sebab bon yg dirampas akan masuk akuan hasil negara....jadi kita kena bincang dengan client untuk minta peruntukan lain untuk buat pembaikan/third party...

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The performance is an on-demand bond and we can just write to the bank to demand for the money.

If it is Wang Jaminan Pelaksanaan, then at 50% of the WJP is still held by JKR.

In both cases, if the Performance bond or WJP is insufficient to cover the cost of repair by third parties, the additional cost incurred will be claimable in the final account, failing which shall be claimed in count. Whether or not we can get the money is however uncertain and most likely not at all. We can only blacklist the contractor but they might again resurface under a new name after awhile. Registration of contractor by CIDB should be reviewed.
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