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JKR memang perlu adakan satu "big PR  make over" untuk memnaikkan nama. The general public still believes that all the public buildings and roads are implemented by JKR. Thus every failure is associated with JKR and this bad publicity is manupulated by other ministries to further tarnish JKR image. PROKOM is in the process of compiling data on the performance of JKR against  other ministries implementing projects and hopefully the statistic in the report will prove JKR performance is not so bad
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JKR should take the advantage or opportunity of any project that has shown a good performance and satisfaction from the client ministry in promoting and advertising in the media as other ministries has done. As commented before by one of our top management officer that quiet a number of JKR projects  failed to achieved good performance, quality, satisfaction or recognition from the client  but we even failed to project the good project around that we produced. The only variable available is managing the stakeholder well.
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