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Do JKR have the standard guideline and checklist about concrete repair materials application?

What procedure should we follow? Totally to the directive of the material supplier's guide?
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Concrete repair materials can be either from concrete itself or polymer based products by manufactures such as Hilti, Sika or Mapei as usually found in Malaysia. The use of polymer based products are normally used due to easier handling, higher strength and consistency in quality.

The specification for the materials used for concrete has been develop by CKAS and are being used in all of our concrete repair projects/jobs.

Currently, we have recently updated the following specification for JKR use, namely:

i) Specification for Concrete Patch Repair - JKR 20601-0254-19

ii) Specification for Concrete Crack Repair - JKR 20601-0250-18

Currently the following specifications are still in use but the updates to this specification is in progress and expected to be used by the first quarter of 2020.

iii) Specification for Protective Coatings

iv) Specifications for Repair to Spall & Damaged Concrete by Sprayed Concrete

v) Specification for Formwork Pressure Grouting

vi) Specification for Free Flow Formed Concrete

vii) Specification for Waterproofing

These seven specifications are to be used on repair or retrofitting projects and are available at Bahagian Kejuruteraan Forensik Struktur, CKAS located at Tingkat 4, Blok F.

Apart from this, we do produce a guideline on hardened concrete testing which will guide the user to specify the correct test.
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How the working procedure as per supplier's application requirement?

How about the detail checklist on the correct method of application and mixing procedure?
The specifications are based on Eurocode and other Standards and not as per supplier's requirements. As such our specification are non supplier's biased in nature. Being a specification, detailed material and application requirements are provided.