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Actually our contractor always depend on their sub contractor resources. Their sub contractor try to reduce resources to gain more profit. That why that contractor not resources loaded for their work program.

If there is resources loaded, they still not utilise that facilities.
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Agreed. The contractor do not have the capability to fully utilised the information. Furthermore, the project team on JKR site should desire more on utilizing the information
Resource loading is one way to ensure that the program is workable, but to many extent these information cannot be assessed due to non application of work (scope)  and effort (unit) i.e. Duration = work X Unit ; not being utilised by contractor and JKR must start to insist on these matters NOW.  

If JKR does not insist on this, the Contractors will never improve their planning and hence it is difficult for us to make any assessment on the program and further use it to monitor the project closely. Please refer to our specification on scheduling clause 4.2.5
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At this moment in time JKR should be more professional and insist the Contractor to give information on resource for the work packages in the project. This is to ensure that the work packages/ activities are planned well and using the formula D = W X U the duration of each activity can be justified.

Even though current practice now the contractor' program is not resource loaded later when there are delays and variations in whatever aspect, schedule compression must be backed up the capacity and capability of the contractors resources available. Get me!
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Work programme is very important tool for project monitoring. We cannot monitor the project effecttively, If it is not resource loaded. Although the Work programme is Contractor's, JKR has to check it  together with Contractor and Client before it is accepted ,because there are some items that  need JKR and Client inputs.

Personnally I think we can't accept work programme without resource loaded.
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