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Ini sambungan bagi Jawapan untuk soalan "Apakah itu Penyumberan Luar bagi FM"

Berikut typical risks yang selalu associated dengan FM Outsourcing.

  • Critical service or asset failures
  • Service Provider underperformance
  • Financial underperfromance
  • Cultural rejection
  • Loss of knowledge
  • Labour risk.

The most effective method of dealing with the risks associated with outsourcing is for client to understand and manage risks through each phase of an outsourcing initiative:

1. Preparing for outsourcing

  • Understanding current client operations
  • Creating Ownership in the Client Organisation

2. Service Provider Selection

  • Understanding the Service Provider
  • Evaluating the Proposed Service Delivery Solution
  • Enabling the Best Proposal

3. Structuring the outsourcing deal

  • Budget Risk
  • Pricing Structure
  • Service Provider Employees
  • Contract Termination

4. Deal negotiation:- An ineffective deal negotiation process can result in:

  • Delays in contract execution and thus the outsourcing process itself
  • Damaged relationships between the Client and the Service Provider
  • Above market price
  • A deal structure which is inconsistent with the Client's business goals.

5. Transition - refers to the activities required to mobilise the delivery of resources to an account. This is the most complex part of the entire process. Management of transition activities can determine the overall success of the outsourcing relationship and sets the tone of the business relationship.

6. Service Provider Governance. The risks of ineffective governance are;

  • Both Service Provider and Client not living up to their contarctual obligations
  • Deterioration in quality of service delivery, service delivery problems not resolved
  • Cost escalations
  • Facility customer dissatisfaction
  • Expected performance improvements not implemented, commitments not honoured.

Reference : Article by Micheal Redding

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