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asked Sep 8, 2016 in BIM khairilhizar 53,860 points 33 88 185
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Bolehkah BIM digunakan dalam rekabentuk jalan?
asked Nov 5, 2015 in BIM badariah 5,330 points 4 7 18
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Bilakah BIM hendak diperluaskan kepada seluruh staff JKR. Adakah BIM dah stabil applicationnya?
asked Aug 12, 2015 in BIM Man 1,930 points 3 16 20
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Ini penting untuk penambahbaikan pengurusan projek berdasarkan kepada kos, quality, time dan mungkin produktiviti juga. Adakah JKR telah mempunyai "tools" bagi pengukuran ini. OBB yang dilaksanakan sekarang ini macamana? "Return on investment" juga?
asked Jul 2, 2014 in Project Management Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
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Ini petikan daripada NSW President of Risk Engineering Society (RES), Pedram Danesh-Mand "First and most important is a culture of professionalism and accountability, including transparent communication and effective collaboration. While there has been greater recognition ... monitor and quantify the risk that this might not occur." Any comments terutamanya daripada Unit Pengurusan Risiko Prokom.
asked May 29, 2014 in Project Management Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
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Ini komen daripada mereka yang memerlukan kepastian mengenai "Benefits of BIM" "There are a lot of anecdotal and surmised advantages to BIM being talked about, particularly by software vendors and other AEC leaders. Curiously enough, however, there is little-to-no ... . Ia memerluak satu komitment yang jitu dan kerja sama semua yang terlibat. Any comments or pandangan daripada Y Generation????
asked May 29, 2014 in BIM Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
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Fom reading McKinsey Global Institute’s (MGI) report,... "Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity, that big data is now recognized as an important factor of production, alongside labor and capital." Boleh kita bincang-bincangkan
asked May 26, 2014 in Project Management Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
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If you can’t see the whole picture… you can’t appreciate BIM. Hard to believe…perhaps to some… but many /most of us in the Architecture, Engineers, Construction, Owners, Operations sector still don’t know how to define BIM.
asked May 26, 2014 in BIM Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
26 votes
7 answers 407 views
Di dalam perlaksanaan BIM di JKR, adakah wajar untuk pihak HODT menyerahkan softcopy reka bentuk kepada pihak kontraktor untuk memudahkan lukisan "as-built" dibuat oleh pihak kontraktor?
asked Mar 25, 2014 in BIM SarumZA 10,190 points 33 70 108
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Everyone knows that productivity in the AECOM sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operation, Maintenance) is uniquely poor. Everyone also knows why. Stakeholders don't play together well. They prefer to blame each other, write up change orders, and hoard information vs ... we say, the culture of the sector is embedded our minds and it will take a major event to enable change.
asked Mar 4, 2014 in Project Management Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
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1 answer 62 views
TCM is effective application of professional and technical expertise to planand control resources, costs, profitability and risks. Simply stated, it is a systematic approach to managing cost throughout the life-cycle of any enterprise, program, facility, project, product, or service.
asked Feb 14, 2014 in Assets & Facilities Management Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
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3 answers 134 views
What is required to accomplish BIM? Commitment, understanding, and knowledge on the part of all stakeholders - Owner, AEs, Contractors, Fabricators and Service Providers and Oversight Groups. Robust, collaborative business practices complete with a well defined ... Delivery, BAS, Visualization) that embeds and supports life-cycle management processes. So, your intellectual suggestion and opinion??
asked Jan 18, 2014 in BIM Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
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Architects, Engineers and others in the AEC industry are well-aware of the forces at work changing the way they go about their business. Forces brought about primarily by the advent of the computer. When in all pares down, there are three approaches you can take to ... data templates - with rules of thumb and building code) Which is great. A process that should be automated in the near future.
asked Jan 13, 2014 in Building Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200
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Sila beri pandangan tuan/puan. Jika tak jelas apa itu BIM, saya akan dalam forum ini dari masa ke semasa. Suka saya petik kata-kata Chloe Smith, Parliamentary Secretary (Government UK, 22 Mar 2013) "We want the UK to remain global pioneers, so by 2016 ... marketplace and new ways of working like BIM will help to keep the UK at the forefront of digital technology innovation and attract investment"
asked Dec 29, 2013 in BIM Mohd Fairuz 27,610 points 73 158 200