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These standard forms are used by both government and the private sector, have a widely understood risk allocation and have in many cases been the subject of judicial comment.
asked May 30, 2021 in Contract Management Dr. Zack 3,120 points 17 30 53
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Setiap kali pengauditan SPB dilaksanakan, akan kedengaran isu berbangkit di mana tanggungjawab JKR terhadap Buku Harian Tapak bagi kontrak Reka & Bina. Ada yang menyatakan ianya tanggungjawab Kontraktor / Perunding sebagaimana perkara 29 dalam Kehendak Syarat Kontrak. ... Kontrak Reka & Bina? Penjelasan ini diharap dapat membantu hala tuju para Auditor dan Auditee semasa sesi pengauditan nanti.
asked Oct 6, 2020 in Contract Management rajarusdy 740 points 1 3 11
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Construction industry is realizing the plans and specifications for the physical structure. The project is success when it is completed to meet client needs without any issues and problems in terms of time, quality and budget allocation. The budget allocation is important ... , the question is what are the cause and impact of dispute and delay the closing of final account in construction project.
asked May 28, 2015 in Civil Dr. Zack 3,120 points 17 30 53
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